Managing director’s view

The year 2016 was the 118th year of activity for Tampere Water. The operational and financial goals set by the City Council were mainly achieved. Drinking water quality remained good. However, the number of pipeline leakages, 47 altogether, increased by 21 compared with the best-ever record of the year before. The amount of unbilled water increased from 15,5 per cent to 17,3 per cent of the total water amount sold. Water rate and sewage fee were the fourth cheapest among the fifteen major cities in Finland. The environmental permits in wastewater purification were reached, except occasional violation of effluent limits in Rahola wastewater treatment plant during the coldest period. Investments on rebuilding of aged water mains and sewers were continued, even if a lot of resources are continuously needed also to build pipeline networks to the new areas of the rapidly growing city.

The turnover was 57.2 million euros and 2.1 per cent better than last year. The amount of water sold to the consumers (15.3 million m3) increased by 0.3 per cent and the amount of charged wastewater (20.5 million m3) decreased by 0.6 per cent. The operating profit was 24.1 million euros and the compensation for the capital invested by the City 10.5 million euros.

Investments were made with 21.3 million euros. Most of it was used to build new and rebuild old water mains, sewers and rainwater sewers. Some significant improvements were made also on the water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations. The modernisation of Kaupinoja water treatment plant was continued.

Tampere Water was active also in the regional projects. Altogether six municipalities – Kangasala, Lempäälä, Pirkkala, Tampere, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi – have decided to take part into the implementation stage of the new regional wastewater treatment plant in Sulkavuori, Tampere. The new plant is to be taken into use in 2024. The detailed planning will be finished by March, 2017. The implementation organisation – Keskuspuhdistamo Oy – received also the financial charge of the project after the directed share issue in the beginning of April, 2016.

Tampere Water was active also in various R & D projects, for example Smart Water, PProduct and PIMAKE projects, and benchmarking. The geological structures of three present groundwater intake areas were studied with Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). Tampere Water participated also two information campaignes arranged by the Finnish Waterworks Association VVY. The build up of the Water Safety Plan was also started and will be finished by June, 2017.

The amount of permanent staff was 130 persons (130 also in 2015) with the average age of 47,3 years. Two persons retired.

Also this year, a lot of updating education and other activities were arranged for the personnel to keep them fit for work. Several persons participated the education for professional degree of water services. Some accidents at work still took place and the goal of zero was not yet reached. The number of sick-leave days also increased slightly.

Warm thanks to the whole personnel for well done work also this year. And above all, thanks for our all customers and partners for a very good co-operation.

Pekka Pesonen
Managing Director